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The Zeitun brand of natural cosmetics and perfume is the direct legacy of traditional beauty & wellness rituals. Drawing inspiration from ancient Arabia, our products are a true combination of cultural heritage, exotic natural ingredients, delightful aromas, sophisticated design aesthetics and highly efficient modern technologies.

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Zeitun International Manufacturing

How We Create Beauty & Wellness Cosmetics


Experience how Zeitun combines Middle Eastern traditions and European technologies, bringing indulgence of luxurious wellness rituals into modern everyday life.

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Zeitun Cosmetics



To offer women & men across the globe the best beauty & care products in terms of sensorial indulgence, efficacy & skin appreciation by creating highly natural formulas inspired by the beauty rituals of ancient Arabia.


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Zeitun Cosmetics

What Makes Us Different


Meet our beauty & personal care products which will change your perception of natural cosmetics as they merge tradition, indulgence and high efficacy.

100% Natural Actives

Guided by the wisdom of the ages, we make sure to use only the purest and skin-friendly natural ingredients in each formulation, making it free from toxins and harmful chemicals.

Traditional Formulations

We use legendary ancient recipes from the Middle East, breathing new life into them as we combine them with the latest technologies, improved formulas and incredible modern textures.

Aromas & Sensorics

Surprisingly sensuous textures, alluring, non-artificial scents evoke images of traditional Middle East perfumes, gold-rich designs and finishes – all of which you can experience while using Zeitun products.

Ethical & Cruelty-free

We prioritize purity and concern for the planet and all living beings. Zeitun cosmetic products are never tested on animals, are certified Halal and are eco-friendly.

ZEITUN Premium


Highly efficient products for face care on the basis of natural ingredients and leading cosmetic assets.

ZEITUN Wellness


SPA-rituals collection on the basis of precious Arabic oils with luxurious sensations and elite aroma.

ZEITUN Men’s Collection


The ultimate Zeitun collection of men’s skin and hair care inspired by noble Middle Eastern traditions.

ZEITUN Authentic


Natural care created according to Arabic formulations.

ZEITUN Essential


Modern cosmetics for everyday use with natural ingredients and inspiring aroma.

Zeitun Brand History

Our Long-standing Passion


"Enchanted with the luxurious and holistic Middle Eastern culture, we strove to maintain their ancient traditions and introduce them to the western world. To fulfill our passion, we established a joint venture with an experienced partner - hereditary soapmaker Abd el-Kader Sarmini. Our business was started with the world-famous Sabun Zeitun - an authentic Aleppo olive and laurel soap invented back in VIII A.D. This soap, which was manufactured at the traditional factory in Aleppo’s historic center, was supplied to Europe for the first time in history and provided the name for our new brand."

— Zeitun Founders

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Frequently Asked Questions

How safe are your formulas?

Our products don’t contain any harmful ingredients, which can hurt your health, your skin, your hair or our environment. It is free of SLS/SLES, parabens, silicones, alcohol, mineral oils.

How do you perform testing of your products?
Why should I believe that traditional formulas work?
Are your products all-natural?

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